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Metanoia + Wellness: A Mind/Body/Bible Transformation

April 22, 2020 Heather McKean Season 1 Episode 35
Woven in Truth Podcast
Metanoia + Wellness: A Mind/Body/Bible Transformation
Show Notes

Heather McKean, inspiring author of Mind Change, joins the podsquad to discuss the fascinating mind/body/bible connection. She shares her personal journey from crippling diseases to recovery and physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

About the Speaker:
Heather McKean can usually be found at her home on the magical island of Maui hunting for sea glass with her husband, two girls, and a slobbery but lovable English Bulldog. Heather is the founder of MindChange.com and the creator of the Mind Change Method™ and the Metanoia Method™. It is her goal to "change the world, one mind at a time".

Disclaimer: We live in a broken world, and everyone’s suffering and health battles are unique and valid. In this thirty minute episode, Heather shares her individual experience and journey and she obviously cannot draw out every explanation and qualifier. We encourage listeners that want to know more to check out her book or website.

Episode Notes:
Heather's Journey to find wellness and freedom- "Could something from my past have something to do with what is happening in my body physically?" this can become a rabbit hole, so use caution and discernment**

"Our mind is so powerful, we can create scenarios in our minds and then our physical bodies will follow. "THE BIG QUESTION: Is this in the Bible?

ANSWER: The mind/body connection is all throughout the Bible.

Metanoia- Can change your mind and life physically, emotionally, and most definitely spiritually!

Sometimes we think we have overcome things or found victory just because we can talk about trials or trauma. This isn't necessarily true.

Sometimes our minds subconsciously try to have a "conversation" with us about things that haven't been fully dealt with through our physical bodies.

We try to cope any way we can... through finding outlets or things that appear productive all while our bodies pay the price.

How does the Bible deal with sickness? Study out the healings in the Bible.

  • In the Bible, sickness is very rarely just dealt with as a physical ailment. 

When you see the way Jesus interacts with people- he helps them make connections between physical ailments which are deeply connected to their hearts and their spiritual ailments... Jesus is very tender with people and their sickness. He handles each of their sicknesses very individually. 

John 5:1-15- Healing of the man at the pool

  • Jesus asks this man if he WANTS to get well. There really is a choice- and it isn't necessarily always a "yes!" There is a cost to wellness- it requires change and discomfort. 
  • Secondary gains- We get something from our ailments or our sickness. We don't just do this for no reason- sometimes it feels safer for us to have our ailments. 
  • If this man gets well, his entire world is going to change. This is true for us as well. 

"We are conditioned to believe that following Jesus means suffering."

Be careful and compassionate: Telling someone (or yourself) that they are responsible for their sickness, or that it is their own fault, is very triggering. 

Your body is not against you, it is for you. What if you listened to it? What if we got quiet enough so that we could hear? 

Starting this conversation: My ___________ hurts, what might this be? Where might this be coming from? 
Example: Could my hurting back be reminding me that I'm not feeling supported in life? 
***(The Mind Change Workbook is very helpful)***

Heather's Website & Book Link: https://www.mindchange.com

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