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All the Feels // Embracing + Processing Emotions with God

September 12, 2020 Elizabeth Laing Thompson Episode 42
Woven in Truth Podcast
All the Feels // Embracing + Processing Emotions with God
Show Notes

Where do our feelings fit into our faith? Elizabeth Laing Thompson, in all her sweet, spiritual brilliance, stops by to discuss her new book and help us make sense of this age-old question! Elizabeth drops some major truth bombs on the importance of acknowledging, appreciating, and processing our feelings in a way that honors our big-feeling God. As we switch off the "airplane mode" on our feelings, we can create healthy boundaries while simultaneously embracing the God-given depths of our emotional makeups. If you are in need of some soul-validation or direction, you DO NOT want to miss this episode! 

About the Speaker:
Elizabeth Laing Thompson is the author of When God Says, "Wait" and When God Says, "Go." She writes at elizabethlaingthompson.com about clinging to Christ through the chaos of daily life. As a speaker and novelist, she loves finding humor in holiness and hope in heartache. Elizabeth lives in North Carolina with her preacher husband and four spunky kids, and they make her feel humbled but happy, exhausted but exhilarated, sometimes stressed but often silly well, you know . . . all the feels.

Episode Notes:
Where do feelings/emotions fit into our faith?
How does God feel about our emotions and why did he create us with them?
How does the scripture help us to use our feelings as a way to honor God 
Big Feelers:

  • Feel it and feel it big.
  • Gifts: Empathy, intuition, etc. 
  • Sometimes hard to make space for other's feelings and hard to pull out of the dark places.

Steady Feelers:

  • Can feel things deeply, but not as often. Don't LIVE in the big feels.
  • Gifts: Can plan & feel simultaneously : Forward moving & can compartmentalize 
  • Can find it confusing when they are spinning from big feelings- Have a hard time processing their feelings. 

Reluctant Feelers: 

  • Can see feelings as being illogical, unproductive and distracting 
  • Gifts: Clear thinkers, logical, fair-minded, focused on facts & truth 
  • They DO have feelings, just usually don't LIKE it. Can shove things down and then it can explode in unhealthy ways. Can be invalidating or condescending of others' feelings. 

If it matters to you, it matters to God. That sets you free to feel what you feel and take that to God. The more we go to God with all of our emotions & pain, the more pressure it takes off of our human relationships. 
 Many Christians think we should put our feelings in airplane mode when it comes to our faith. Telling yourself you shouldn't feel it doesn't make the feeling go away. 
 Even if you don't want to feel a certain way, you can still work through it, instead of around it, through the scriptures and Godly processes.
 What does God want us to do with our feelings? Even the ones that feel or seem "unacceptable"? He wants us to bring it Him and ask for His help, intervention, and direction.
 Thoughts & feelings are extremely connected. We may need to reframe and inject more faith into our thoughts, but we can work through our thoughts in the presence of God.

Psalm 139- God Himself is Emotional

  • He made you the way you are- you are wired that way for a reason.
  • Your feelings are a way to connect with God and reflect His heart.

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