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God-Centered Parenting

June 20, 2021 Pam + Kim Bowers Season 1 Episode 54
Woven in Truth Podcast
God-Centered Parenting
Woven in Truth Podcast
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Show Notes

Pam & Kim Bowers join us on the podcast to affirm a lot of the wonderful things you are already doing as parents & caregivers, but also provide some insights on anchoring our perspective of what it means to parent our children in the Lord. Developing faith is not mutually exclusive from a child’s development; don't miss this dream-team's inspiring perspective rooted in proactivity & intentionality for facilitating faith in our children. 

About the Speakers

Pam- Hailing from simple Henderson, Nevada, Pam Bowers has been a Christian for over 30 years. Her walk with God began in the early ‘80s when she was met while playing professional golf. God knew exactly what she needed when in 1990, she met and married her faith-filled husband, Dale. Together, they have served in God’s kingdom in many different capacities, from small-group leaders to Elder/Elder’s Wife. They have two incredible friends in their adult children—both of whom are pursuing doctoral-level graduate studies. Professionally, God has blessed Pam abundantly, as she is a Top 50 Master Kids Golf Instructor and co-instructor at the Bowers Golf Academy. Recently, God has brought to fruition a long burning dream for Pam and her daughter, Kim, to publish a series of children’s books, which teach social-emotional development anchored in God’s word. Through the many twists and turns in life, God has been the Ultimate Friend and anchor for Pam—she cannot wait to see what adventure lies around the next bend.

Kim- Kim Bowers is a 25-year-old coffee-drinking, fun-loving daughter of God. She has been a Christian for almost 10 years. In those 10 years, God has taken her from a high school student in Nevada to a Psychology PhD student in Colorado. Sometime in between, Kim earned her MEd in Elementary Education and taught first grade. God has also used her in a variety of ways to serve his kingdom: from small-group leader to young professionals ministry co-leader. Most recently, God has taken her talents and experience down a new route. Alongside her incredible mother, Kim has co-authored children’s books aimed to help children learn the necessary skills to regulate their emotions—while also equipping parents with the skills to facilitate their child’s social-emotional learning. With all that lies ahead, Kim is looking forward to the many adventures God has in store for her.

Episode Notes:

We’re very deliberate in helping our children meet their developmental milestones, but how deliberate do we need to be to ensure our kid’s are hitting their spiritual milestones? 

Developing faith is not mutually exclusive from a Child’s development. 

Three different lenses of parenting-  parent-centered, child-centered, God-centered

Definition of God-centered parenting: custodial posture- place of humility, being accountable before God for the molding of a life. 

What does God-centered Parenting look like? 



  • Relationship over Rules

A word of encouragement 

  • One day at a time 
  • Do your best and God will do the rest - go off of the strength that you have 

The books are now available for order through their website: www.smoothsailingbooks.com. You can also purchase them online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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