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Waiting WITH God

July 16, 2021 Leigh Kinnard Season 1 Episode 56
Woven in Truth Podcast
Waiting WITH God
Woven in Truth Podcast
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Show Notes

In this episode, our TREASURE of a friend, Leigh Kinnard, joins the podcast to share her insights on "waiting" in life. Instead of reluctantly hoping for God to fix things as we would like for Him to, how can we learn how to go through these times of waiting WITH Him? Rather than existing consumed by outcomes or results we are invited to live presently, intentionally entwined with God,  for every step of the nuanced  journey of life this side of eternity.

About the Speaker:
Leigh Kinnard has been a disciple of Jesus for 38 years. She and her husband , Steve
moved from the south to be a part of the New York City church of Christ a few
months after it began in 1983. They have lived for months at a time in Africa and
Israel working with the churches in those countries and currently are a part of the
Hudson Valley Region of the NYC church. Steve and Leigh recently celebrated their
40th wedding anniversary. They have 2 adult children and two grandsons.

Episode Notes:

Waiting is a necessary part of our lives. HOW we wait is a decision.

What are you waiting for right now?

How are you handling your “wait?” What do you struggle with as you wait?

Instead of waiting for God to fix things as we would like for Him to, He wants us to learn how to go through these times with Him, trusting the outcome to Him.

It is so easy to focus on the end result instead of the journey. 

Two truths - 

  1. God is always moving
  2. Trust His timing

Who will I be as I wait?

How does God define waiting? (Most verses will be from the Passion Translation)

  • Psalm 27:13,14
  • Psalm 25:3-5
  • Qavah – Hebrew word-means to “tie together by twisting, entwine, or wrap tightly”
  • Picture a rope twisted tightly together, entwined-strong – all strands connected. When one strand disconnects, the rope gets frayed, unraveled – eventually affects the whole rope....
  • How do we wait this way with God?
    • Psalm 131

HUMILITY-decide to be a true learner-What does God want me to learn in this process of waiting?

We GET to learn.

What helps me:

  • Ongoing list of scriptures on God is always moving/working – so many in OT
    • In NT – Jesus carries this on and shows us how John 5:17
  • Pray through the scriptures Psalms 130:5,6
    • Gets his emotions out, connects to God, reminds himself of the truth
    • Rev 8:3-4 – Prayers keep working
  • Put Jesus in the room
    • Instead of trying to “fix it” fix my eyes on Jesus
    • Matthew 11:28-30 exp v 29 – “Bend your neck” decide to focus on being connected to Jesus-trusting Him to do the hard part.
  •  Trust Gods timing
    • John 11:4 – Its about God getting the glory, people seeing Jesus, in God's time – not me getting what I want when I want it. He is always listening.
    • Micah 7:7,8

How I wait affects others – Strive to be who God wants us to be as we are waiting – entwining our hearts with Gods heart-hold on tight and refuse to let go.

Isaiah 40:28-31

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